Carol's Story:

I was the kid who lined up her sisters and brother in the bathroom and put blue eyeshadow on them. That was the beginning of my makeup artist career. I did makeup in school plays, went to art school and was a portrait painter and teacher for a while.

One day I was playing in the makeup at the spa where I got my hair cut and I did the makeup of the receptionist, the owner observed. I was immediately hired as the makeup artist for the salon.

From there I joined a freelance makeup artist agency and worked for all the major cosmetic lines. I was spirited away from them and was hired by Elizabeth Arden to be on their "Blitz Team" and worked with their international makeup artist doing events for the East Coast. Essentially, being his right hand man (woman). After a divorce and a move to Scottsdale, AZ. I was the makeup manager for a spa called "Reflections". From there, I came to Charlotte and was hired by Lancome and Estee Lauder as a guest makeup artist. After a year and a half, Charles Grayson Spa and Salon lured me away and I was hired as the Makeup Manager.

After all of the above experiences I had, the opportunity presented it self to open my own studio "Rouge"

I continue to freelance and have done makeup for television, print advertising, film and video. I have been the principle makeup artist for the Bank of America executives and CEO.

Every day I continue to find new ways to enjoy my work. The positive feedback and results that I get from working with clients proves to me that this is where I am suppose to be.